Bali Map

BALI MAP, Bali is an island that is approximately 95 miles (153 kilometers) wide and 70 miles (112 kilometers) long. With a land area of 2,230 square miles (5,577 square kilometers), it is about half the size of the Big Island of Hawaii.9 Agu 2023. Population of Bali is around 4.500.000 and majority we are Hindu religion and pray at the temple so we have so many temple and of course if they are hindu peoples have to built the temple in the part of house we called family temple ,,, so we are offer a reasonable prices of private bali tour package and reasonable prices of bali tour driver to cover all of bali ,,,


Bali map

Bali map #balimap #mapbali

Bali map

Bali map #balimap #indonesiamap


Bali is a small tourist island located in the country of  Indonesia ( Asia ), and most Americans would probably have a hard time finding it on a world map.

Once you get to Bali island and start exploring, it can also be a bit of a tricky island to navigate because of its odd shape and the way the different regencies ( provinces ) are set up, so a map of Bali can be handy as a visitor.

Hopefully this Bali map and location guide will help clear up any confusion!

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