Ubud sunset dinner tour, on this tour package our bali tour driver will pick you up at the hotel at 09.00 AM from your hotel because on the way to Ubud Town we will be Visiting some art village along the way as Tohpati village for batik village, Celuk village for fine silver jewelry Mas Village for fine wood carving, Lod Tunduh village for community of artist painter, Ubud monkey Forest ( The holy monkey forest ), Ubud town ( Visiting ubud market, Ubud palace ) and the end of this tour let’s go to Jimbaran bay to catch the sunset while enjoy the Romantic candle light seafood dinner.

Tohpati Village

Ubud sunset dinner tour

Ubud sunset dinner tour #tohpativillage #batikvillage #batik

Tohpati Villages is located east side of Denpasar city, this village  special for Batik Villages. Most of the villager here making batik, there some of the batik studio you can see here, process of making batik you can observe also. The word “batik” is Indonesian-Malay in origin and it means “to dot.” Similar processes of dye resistant designs have been traced to Egypt and the Middle East–about 1500 years ago–but the current process for batik originated in Indonesia. There, batik making has evolved to become one of the greatest art forms of Asia. This ancient technique involves using a wajan–similar in shape to a wok–for melting wax, and a canting, a wooden-handled tool with a metal tip for applying wax to create the design. No Entrance ticket…

Celuk Village

Ubud sunset dinner tour

Ubud sunset dinner tour #silvervillage #celukvillage #silver

This village is located strategically on the main road form the Denpasar to Gianyar Regency which is about 5 km from Denpasar Town, Celuk Village is the famous village in Bali as a tourist destination cause of the local residents is very proactive and full of innovation to the gold and silver crafting. This countryside is located in sub district of Sukawati, Gianyar Regency and owns the individuality and excellence in production of gold and silver crafting. Most of them are Balinese professionals, artistic and skillful of design development related to the silver and gold crafting. No Entrance ticket…

Mas Village

Ubud sunset dinner tour

Ubud sunset dinner tour #woodcarvingvillage #masvillage #woodcarving

Mas Village is the special village for wood carving area same as Kemenuh village, produce very good quality of woodcarving, made from very hard wood such as teak, mahogany, ebony and hibiscus wood, most of wood import from another island as Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan ( Borneo ) and Sulawesi. No Entrance ticket…

Lod Tunduh Village

Ubud sunset dinner tour

Ubud sunset dinner tour #painting #balinesepainting

This Village located close by from the Ubud town about 15 minute drive, The people here are very artistic so they could paint anything. On this village also have some good Gallery of  traditional painting or modern painting available here. No Entrance ticket…

Ubud Monkey Forest ( The Holy Monkey Forest )

Ubud sunset dinner tour

Ubud sunset dinner tour #ubudmonkeyforest #monkeyforest

This Monkey Forest located on Jln. Monkey Forest Ubud, The Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and temple complex in Ubud, Bali. Its full name as written on a welcome sign is the Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. The complex houses approximately 340 Crab-eating Macaque (Macaca fascicularis) monkeys (32 adult males, 19 male sub adult, 77 adult females, 122 juvenile and 54 infants).There are four groups of monkeys each occupying different territories in the park. The Sacred Monkey Forest is a popular tourist attraction in Ubud, and is often visited by over 10,000 tourists a month.The forest comprises approximately a tenth of a square kilometer (approximately 27 acres) and contains at least 115 different species of trees.The Monkey Forest contains the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal temple as well as a “Holy Spring” bathing temple and another temple used for cremation ceremonies.The Monkey Forest is owned by the village of Padangtegal, and village members serve on the Monkey Forest’s governing council. The Padangtegal Wenara Wana Foundation manages the Monkey Forest and serves to maintain its sacred integrity and to promote the sacred site as a destination for visitors.Entrance ticket IDR 80.000 / person…

Ubud Town ( Ubud Market and Ubud Palace )

Ubud sunset dinner tour

Ubud sunset dinner tour #ubudmarket #ubudtown

Ubud Market, Ubud Palace, the market has two different parts, traditional market located in the west of arts market, the traditional market sell daily food and open earlier. The arts market sell various of handicrafts, arts and textiles. Next to Ubud markets, Ubud Palace where is the Royal Family live, in evening the outside yard use by the local group dance performance to held Legong Dance, Barong Dance, Ramayana Ballet and Mahabrata Ballet. Ubud area No Entrance ticket…

Jimbaran Bay for Romantic Candle Light Seafood Dinner with Sunset View

Ubud sunset dinner tour

Ubud sunset dinner tour #jimbaranbay #seafooddinner #romanticdinner

Jimbaran Bay for Romantic Seafood Dinner, Jimbaran located in south of airport, the beach has white sand. The area originally fishing Village with fish market. Now there are have some luxury hotel, Jimbaran bays well known with beach side Sea food Restaurant while enjoying the sunset and scenery with cold drink and a fresh grill fish with live group music by local singer offered international song and the sing title could be request. The most famous Grill Sea Food restaurant further north (Kedonganan Village). The sea food cost by weight. No Entrance ticket…

Bali Tour Rate :

USD 40 / car

Included :
– Comfortable Air-conditioned car
– English speaking Bali tour driver
– Petrol for the car
– Parking fees

Exclude :
– Entrance ticket
– Performances ticket
– Lunch and dinner
– Other Expense

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