1. Bali SPA
Relax and pamper yourself on the island by following a program of the SPA, possibly as long as your country is always busy and no time to pamper yourself … this is the place where you can select the package that you like because here is not just pamper yourself also improves your aesthetic …you can feel relaxed, your body and mind into a fresh, energetic and powerful back and raise her cheerful mood.



2. Bali Cycling Tour
In this adventure cycling tour starts from Kintamani mountain peaks continue to fall through the expanse of green plantations and rice fields, start at 7.30 am from the Hotel and Experience the  MAGIC !!  You can feel the cold air away from the rural town atmosphere that makes you stressed. In this adventure we certainly supervised by experienced instructors, while riding a bike you can learn about the life of local residents because this tour is not just cycling, but the way we will be invited to visit the village where people live and find out about the culture and customs of local villages, therefore  this tour is very interesting ….So please join with me for this activities and BOOK with as soon as possible !


3. Bali Mount Batur Trekking
Trekking / Climbing Mount Batur in the early morning may be an alternative of your choice while in Bali, in the early morning hours around 4 pm you will be invited to climb the mountain accompanied by a local guide who knew a shorter road to the summit of the mountain. In this climb took about  1,5 hours until 2 hours, past the black sand and lava stone former first eruptions and finally arrived at the summit around 6 am while enjoy your little breakfast, looking gorgeous scenery when the sun would rise with some monkey around of you.


4. Bali Whitewater Rafting
For those of you who like adventure on the river, maybe this is what you are looking for … local guides will supervise you during this adventure .. at the start of the upstream and through several twists and several waterfalls while you enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside and feel the chill of the water to spur until you arrive at the finish … after you finish lunch will be served with dishes of local people ..


5. Bali Horseback Riding
Horseback riding, sweeping beach with black sand beach while passing water waves Saba and also look at the life of local residents. in this adventure we will also pass some beautiful temple where local residents pray. From this beach you can also see across the island and the beautiful scenery of majestic mountains. Enjoy this adventure for your Bali Holiday !



6. Bali Riding the Elephant
This program is its place in the side of the river soar, here you will get a new adventure riding elephants in the open. Along the way you sit in the back of an elephant while enjoying the beautiful scenery with views of rice fields and river views. You feel like in the woods with a group of elephants that became the guide through the bush to bush. And finally the elephant will show little ability to entertain you with a funny action …


7. Bali Water Sports
Enjoy your Marine recreation such as: Diving, Parasailing, Snorkeling, Water skiing, banana boat, Flying Fish, Turtle Island Tour, Sea walker, Glass buttom boat, etc..
Perhaps all of us love the adventure of water, here you can do water activities that have been provided and do not doubt they’ve experienced so all you get a warranty. Enjoy this wet adventure for your enjoyment …



8. Bali Fishing 

Bali Fishing Activity is an exciting tour exploring the Indian Ocean with speed boat to fish the tropical fish.Indonesia is maritime island and Bali is the only one part of best fishing venue to catch big fishes from the sea. You will do like professional fisherman and catch the fish as big as you can from the Bali Ocean. We will explore the Bali fishing Spot Point by boat together with your family or colleague and you will get amazing experience in the center of ocean. You will be challenged to use your high technical fishing from the basic coral until the trawling fishing.


9. Bali River Tubing

Get new experience when traveling on the river using a tube through so many obstacles to make a challenge. On the way you will encounter many obstacles that must be passed and also enjoy the beautiful countryside that you might not encounter elsewhere.


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