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Bali Tour start at 8.00 AM

Barong And Keris Dance Performances

First Stop to watch The Barong and Keris Dance at Batubulan Village, The Barong dance is one of the most popular cultural show in Bali, this dance normally perform at the temple during temple festival. The Dance start at 9.30 am and finish at 10.30 am. The story behind this dance is an internal fight between good and evil spirit. “The Barong” is (a mythological animal) represent good spirit and “The Rangda”, a witch (a mythological monster) represent evil one. Balinese people also believed that the Barong is symbol of protector.  The Barong and Keris dance ticket is IDR 100,000 /person…


White Sand Beach

White sand beach, This beach is located in the district Amlapura about 2 hours from the city of Denpasar. This beach is famous for the sand is very clean and the blue sea water  is great for swimming,
For the visitor who want to have seafood lunch is available on this beach area. No entrance fee…




 Bats Cave Temple  ( Pura Goa Lawah )

Bats Cave Temple “Goa Lawah Temple”, the temple located in Pesinggahan Village, Klungkung regency. The temple built in 11th century by priest Mpu Kuturan or Mpu Rajakerta, this priest who created 4 concepts of temple in Bali. This is one important temple located near the ocean, specially use for “Nyegara Gunung” ceremony (Segara it’s mean Ocean and Gunung it’s mean Mountain). The Balinese people use this Goa Lawah Temple for the ocean temple and Besakih Temple for the mountain temple. The cave in the cliff fully with thousand of the bats. Entrance ticket is IDR 12,000 /person…


Bali Tour Rate :

IDR 500.000 ( US$ 45 ) / car

Includes :
– Comfortable Air-conditioned car
– English speaking Bali tour driver
– Petrol for the car
– Parking fees
– Mineral water in the car
– Sarong for visiting the temple
– Umbrella

Excludes :
– Entrance ticket
– Performances ticket
– Lunch and dinner
– Other Expense


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