UBUD RICE TERRACE TOUR , ubud rice terrace or ceking rice terrace or tegalalang rice terrace is the same, this is one of very beautiful rice terrace in bali and you have to visite it and our bali tour driver will pick you up at the lobby of your hotel at around 9 am ,,, 

Bali Tour start at 9.00 AM

Celuk Village For Gold and Silver Smiths

Ubud rice terrace tour

Ubud rice terrace tour #silvervillage #celukvillage #silverfactory

This village is located strategically on the main road form the Denpasar to Gianyar Regency which is about 5 km from Denpasar Town, Celuk Village is the famous village in Bali as a tourist destination cause of the local residents is very proactive and full of innovation to the gold and silver crafting. This countryside is located in sub district of Sukawati, Gianyar Regency and owns the individuality and excellence in production of gold and silver crafting. Most of them are Balinese professionals, artistic and skillful of design development related to the silver and gold crafting. No Entrance ticket…

Batuan Village ( The Traditional Balinese House )

Ubud rice terrace tour

Ubud rice terrace tour #balinesetraditionalhouse

Batuan Villages is located around 15km from Denpasar. Visit a local people lives in everyday life, this private house compound built in original balinese concept , known as “kosali kosali concept”.This form of concept is same anywhere in Bali. All the placement in the building is the same inside the compound. Each building or pavilion  has their own function, a building to make the offering thing of the festival in the east. Kitchen in the south side,building in the west becomes the room of parents and, building in the north side, it is a room of children or a building to put a possible offering thing. Inside the compound also found one of the most important building which is  “family temple”, this family temple will be placed in a northeastern side of the house compound. The water used in Batuan private house of here is well water. Small donation will highly appreciate by house owner ( IDR 10.000)…

Mas Village The Wood Carving Area

Ubud rice terrace tour

Ubud rice terrace tour #woodcarvingvillage #masvillage

Mas Village is the special village for wood carving area same as Kemenuh village, produce very good quality of woodcarving, made from very hard wood such as teak, mahogany, ebony and hibiscus wood, most of wood import from another island as Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan ( Borneo ) and Sulawesi. No Entrance ticket…


Ceking Rice Terrace ( Tegalalang Rice Terrace )

Ubud rice terrace tour

Ubud rice terrace tour #ubudriceterrace #cekingriceterrace #tegalalangriceterrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace or Ceking Rice Terrace is one of the more popular rice terrace to visit in Bali. The rice terrace is designed very beautiful with exquisite hollowing rice field and precisely located on the hill bank. In this place, you will see the Balinese farmer do their rice field in oblique area complete with its system irrigation. You will enjoy the beautiful panorama of valley with rice terrace and coconut trees ornament it. Tegalalang Rice Terrace or Ceking Rice Terrace is one of the tourist icon in Ubud Bali and many visited by tourists every day.  Entrance ticket is IDR 20.000/person…

 Ubud The Traditional Village

Ubud rice terrace tour

Ubud rice terrace tour #ubudmonkeyforest #monkeyforest

Ubud Market, Ubud Palace and Monkey Forest , the market has two different parts, traditional market located in the west of arts market, the traditional market sell daily food and open earlier. The arts market sell various of handicrafts, arts and textiles. Next to Ubud markets, Ubud Palace where is the Royal Family live, in evening the outside yard use by the local group dance performance to held Legong Dance, Barong Dance, Ramayana Ballet and Mahabrata Ballet. . No Entrance cost. Monkey Forest Ubud, the monkeys within the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal are commonly called long-tailed macaques or ” grey monkeys”. Their scientific name is Macaca fascicuiaris . Ubud Monkey forest Entrance ticket is IDR 80.000/person and Ubud Palace NO Entrance ticket…

Bali Tour Rate :

USD 40 / car

Includes :
– Comfortable Air-conditioned car
– English speaking Bali tour driver
– Petrol for the car
– Parking fees

Excludes :
– Entrance ticket
– Performances ticket
– Lunch and dinner
– Other Expense

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