BESAKIH TEMPLE TOUR , this temple people said the mother temple or the biggest temple in bali and located at rendang village, karangasem regency its about 2 hours drive from ubud town area. This is very special temple for hindu religion in bali and this temple have ceremony every 1 year so this tour package start at 9 am bali time and our bali tour driver will pick you up at the hotel on that time ,,,

Bali Tour start at 9.00 AM

Tohpati Village The Sarong Batik Process

Besakih temple tour

Besakih temple tour #batikvillage #tohpatibatik

Tohpati Villages is located east side of Denpasar city, this village  special for Batik Villages. Most of the villager here making batik, there some of the batik studio you can see here, process of making batik you can observe also. The word “batik” is Indonesian-Malay in origin and it means “to dot.” Similar processes of dye resistant designs have been traced to Egypt and the Middle East–about 1500 years ago–but the current process for batik originated in Indonesia. There, batik making has evolved to become one of the greatest art forms of Asia. This ancient technique involves using a wajan–similar in shape to a wok–for melting wax, and a canting, a wooden-handled tool with a metal tip for applying wax to create the design. No Entrance ticket…

Kehen Temple ( Bangli Regency )

Besakih temple tour

Besakih temple tour #kehentemple #purakehen

Kehen Temples is a beautiful Hindu temple located in foothills, south part of Bangli Regency and it is about 45 Km from Denpasar town. Inside of this temple are, there is Panyimpenan Temple building keep 3 inscriptions which is relating to its contents and temple existence. It is strategically located in the high land, so we can see the beautiful view. It is a famous temple in Bali and many visitors from foreign country has visited it. Entrance ticket is IDR 35,000/person…

 Besakih Temple ( The Mother Temple )

Besakih temple tour

Besakih temple tour #besakihtemple #mothertemple #biggesttemple

Besakih ” The Mother Temple “, located in slope of Mount Agung about 1000 meters above sea level. This is the first temple built in Bali or well known with Mother Temple, built by the javanese High priest Rsi Markandeya who traveled to Bali in 8th century. Besakih Temple has big complex of temple included the family temple who add later by another Javanese high priest Danghyang Nirartha in 16th century. The main temple courtyard is “Penataran Agung” has a triple throne called “Padmasana Tiga” with separate seats of the trinity gods Brahma, Wisnu and Siwa. Entrance ticket is IDR 90,000 /person

 Klungkung ( New name Semarapura Regency )

Besakih temple tour

Besakih temple tour #kertagosa #klungkung

Court of justice, It is located in the centre of Klungkung town. Kerta Gosa was built in the 18th century when Bali was ruled by the dynasty of King Kresna Kepakisan. Separated from the Puri (palace) there is a complex of justice buildings, the hall of justice called Kerta Gosa. The floating hall called Bale Kambang, and the water pool called Taman Gili. The ceilings of the buildings are covered by traditional paintings Kamasan style. They were replaced by using new material in 1930 and renewed in 1960. The palace it self was destroyed during the war between the Dutch and the Kingdom in Bali in the beginning of 20  century. The visitor very crowded either domestic or foreign . Entrance Ticket is IDR 25,000/person…

Goa Lawah Temple ( The bats Cave Temple )

Besakih temple tour

Besakih temple tour #goalawah #batcavetemple

Bat Cave Temple “Goa Lawah Temple”, the temple located in Pesinggahan Village, Klungkung regency. The temple built in 11th century by priest Mpu Kuturan or Mpu Rajakerta, this priest who created 4 concepts of temple in Bali. This is one important temple located near the ocean, specially use for “Nyegara Gunung” ceremony ( Segara it’s mean Ocean and Gunung it’s mean Mountain). The Balinese people use this Goa Lawah Temple for the ocean temple and Besakih Temple for the mountain temple. The cave in the cliff fully with thousand of the bats. Entrance ticket is IDR 30,000 /person…

Besakih temple tour

Besakih temple tour #besakihtemple #biggesttemple #mothertemple

Bali Tour Rate :

USD 45 / car

Includes :
– Comfortable Air-conditioned car
– English speaking Bali tour driver
– Petrol for the car
– Parking fees

Excludes :
– Entrance ticket
– Performances ticket
– Lunch and dinner
– Other Expense

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